Flatlay Stationery Kit


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Invitation kit for flatlay photography. This is the perfect kit for photographers that need or want practice with their flatlays skills! FREE shipping


* 1 Ring Box ($15 value)

* 2 ~ 3 sets of Invitation Suits & Menu Cards ($15 ~ $25 value)

* 6 Calligraphy Leafs ($6 value)

* Letterpress Vow Books (a set of 2) ($15 value)

* 4 ~ 6 Wax Seals ($5 value)

* Velvet Ribbon, Lace Ribbon & Satin Ribbon ($10 value)

* Fabric ($5 – $8 value)

* Wooden Ribbon Spool ($1 value)

* Agate (1 piece) ($2 value)

* Dry pampas & such ($2 value)

* 3 ~ 4 piece Silk Flowers ($10 – $15 value)

* Vintage Stamps ($1 value)

* One piece of jewelry (ring or scissors) ($7 value)

* Other random items we’ve collected 

Over $95 value on all the items!!

NOTE: Due to the availability of what I have in stock, each package is different and limited quantity, therefore colors/styles may vary from what is pictured, but will always be cohesive with the design of the collection you order. The printed cards will always be presented as you see here. Customization is not available through this listing. If you would like the cards customized, please contact me before ordering to discuss.

Collections will ship via USPS First Class Shipping within 1-3 business days after purchasing.

Love what you see, but want something catered to your brand/styled shoot? Send me a message and let’s chat about creating a custom collection!

Are you a bride/groom looking for a custom invitation designer or would love to use one of these designs for your invitation suite? Send me a message and I would love to talk!


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