Meet Ching

Founder and creator of The Paper Creation (DBA: Design Quintessentials), and boss lady behind this West Bloomfield based company in the state of Michigan. It all started with love for art and a degree in Art with minor in Graphic Design & Communication helps getting the creation on the right path.
I’ve always been known as a “creative” mind and passionate about “design”. Paper goods & printing are my kryptonite, and it wasn’t until my own wedding that I found myself fascinated with the unique story fresh flower could tell. The colors, texture, and pure beauty of florals captivated me from then on. After my wedding that my passion for graphic design and floral design truly merged. I desired unique florals that told my individual love story and as a designer, I longed for flow and cohesiveness. It was important that my invitations told the same story as my florals. And thus, The Paper Creation (DBA: Design Quintessentials) was born, because I knew other people would like to capture their special moments this way too.